Time to Detox

€11,00 EUR

A deep cleanse, without drying out your skin? Say less.. Time to Detox is formulated with activated charcoal, which is a very fine powder composed of coconut shells and is able to pull out toxins and other impurities from your skin leaving it extra-clean.

Tea tree and lavender essential oils are both amongst the best essential oils to soothe and relieve irritated skin. After the use of this bar, say hello to a good mood and dirt free skin.

Due to the use of essential oils, it is also suitable to be used on the face.

This bar is scented with a blend of lavender, tea tree and cedarwood essential oils. An absolute herbaceous oasis. 

Tea tree and lavender essential oils both have great anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can calm redness and skin irritations.

Activated charcoal is powerful at purifying your skin, yet gentle enough for everyday use. 


Our soaps are made with 100% natural oils and butters. They are specifically formulated to clean, without drying out your skin. No artificial ingredients are used to help create bubbles; instead, due to the high ratio in butters, they have a more creamy lather.

We use the traditional cold process method and sodium hydroxide is only used to help saponify the oils and butters. No sodium hydroxide is present in the final product. We let our soaps cure for a minimum of 8 weeks, thus creating a mild bar that is suitable for sensitive skin.

Use a sponge or African wash net and create the ultimate lather experience. Wash your body and/or face and rinse off well. Make sure no soap gets into the eyes, it will sting!

To prolong the life of your soaps, keep it dry in between uses and store them away from direct or standing water. Use a soap dish that allows excess water to drain.

We aim to cut each bar at a thickness of 1" (25 mm) weighing approximately 120 grams. Each bar is cut and bevelled by hand, thus this may vary.


All of our soap bars contain olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and castor oil.

Time to Detox's special ingredients are activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil.

Sodium Olivate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin, Sodium Cocoa Butterate, Aqua, Sodium Castorate, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Charcoal Powder, Sodium Citrate, Cedrus Deodara Wood Oil, Linalool*, Kaolin, Limonene*, Geraniol*

*Naturally occurring in essential oils