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Taking care of yourself has never felt this good. Make a habit of creating spa-like moments every single day, by using our clean products igniting the peace within. 

Indulge, pamper and nourish yourself. You deserve it.

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The ultimate skin indulgence

About Josevine

Our Story & values

Josevine was founded with a simple premise: to create self care products that elevate your every day routine.

We took our time to carefully curate our first collection and wholeheartedly believe in the beauty of each of our products. We will never offer something, that we would not want to use ourselves.

What matters most

Quality > Quantity

Our products are 100% handmade in our little home studio located in the Netherlands. We source all of our ingredients ourselves and produce in small batches, to ensure you receive fresh products every single time.

Quality over quantity is a statement that we fully stand behind and will forever be our guiding principle.

Safety First

Clean Ingredients

Each ingredient is chosen with intent and upholds our values of being an ethical and sustainable brand. We aim to keep our products as clean as possible and do not add any more ingredients than necessary.

We are a plant powered focused brand and 99% vegan (we do love honey).

To show that we care

Beautiful Packaging

Beautiful, practical and eco-friendly have been our three main focus points.

For our skincare products we use glass jars and bottles, while our soaps are wrapped in recyclable cotton pouches. Our wax melts are packaged in recycled polypropylene, which is the most environmentally friendly type of plastic and fully recyclable.

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