Luscious Vanilla

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Luscious Vanilla is a smooth and creamy scent combination of Madagascan vanilla paired with the fragrant top note of nutmeg. With mid notes of exotic florals, this scent is completed with base notes of crushed nuts, cosy woods and subtle musks.

A delightful vanilla scent, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your home.

Top Notes: Madagascan Vanilla - Nutmeg
Middle Notes: Floral
Base Notes: Nuts - Woods - Musk


Our wax melts are packaged in fully recyclable plastic clamshells and can be broken into a total of 6 cubes. How many cubes you use at once is up to you, but one cube already fills up a room beautifully.

Each cube can be re-melted multiple times (at least 3 times) until there is no aroma left anymore.

To dispose of the wax, light on your wax burner for 20-30 seconds, until the bottom of the wax slightly becomes hot and slide the wax out. Throw away in the bin.

Reminder: Do NOT pour liquid wax down the drain or in the toilet, as this will solidify again once it cools down and may cause clogs.