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Today we’re officially six months in and it’s high time for the first blog post. I have been contemplating hard on what to write about and though there are MANY topics yet to come, I think it’s only right if I do an introduction to JOSEVINE first. The why, the what, the how; let’s start from the beginning, shall we? 


JOSEVINE has been a brand that’s been in the works since early 2020 and (depending on whenever you are reading this), we’re now 3 years further! From the beginning, I’ve always wanted to have my focus on self-care, clean beauty, and the overall well-being of oneself. I have not always been the best at following through on these three things myself, so you could say, I built this brand for me and I'm choosing to share it with others.. Stepping into motherhood gave me a new perspective and has taught me that I won’t be able to take care of my family if I am not doing well myself.

I felt like I needed to find little moments in my full day, to spend on just ME. Not even on a selfish level, but on a level that would make me feel that I could be the best mother and wife to my ability. I figured, I would have to pry into these moments and take every chance I could get, to relax.

The Journey

One way I found to relax was always after a hot shower and while I was moisturizing my skin. When the boys would be in bed, sleeping, we would light a candle and just chill. Even though self-care can look different for everybody, this was my type of self-care. My time to recharge… 

Now that I had found my way to rejuvenate, I wanted to make sure I’m doing this with quality products. Products that are beneficial to the skin and therapeutic to the senses. After years of testing, harassing my husband and family for their opinions and doubting myself, I fell in love and decided on handmade soaps, body butters, body oils and wax melts.

It’s the name for me

JOSEVINE is named after my mother. Her name was Josephine and I’ve always found it such a classic, clean, and beautiful name. Just like she was and exactly how I envision my brand to be. The butterfly, that is delicately hovering over, holds a powerful symbol that reflects many things to me: transformation and change, freedom, and lightness, but also hope and a beautiful soul. But I'll tell you more on that, in an upcoming blog post ;). 

What’s next?

What had happened was, we’ve sold close to 100 products and I couldn't be more proud of my journey and growth so far. Although this might not seem much to anyone out there, to me that is huge, and I am immensely grateful for the trust.

The next six months are all about finalizing the current collections and continuing to share that with you. I am currently working on a couple of new products, and I’m very much excited to expand JOSEVINE. However, it’s one step at a time and as you know, with us it’s quality over quantity. So for now, cheers to JOSEVINE and her growth.

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