Warm Amber

€10,00 EUR

Warm Amber: a timeless aroma with a complex set of notes. Earthy, smoky, and powdery flavors perfectly meld with tonka bean, lavender, and almond to create a warm, velvety, and rich oriental scent.

This luxurious fragrance has a comforting embrace that will linger in your home.

Top Notes: Lavender - Cinnamon
Middle Notes: Cypriol - Heliotrope - Myrrh
Base Notes: Amber - Vanilla - Tonka - Suede


Our wax melts are packaged in fully recyclable plastic clamshells and can be broken into a total of 6 cubes. How many cubes you use at once is up to you, but one cube already fills up a room beautifully.

Each cube can be re-melted multiple times (at least 3 times) until there is no aroma left anymore.

To dispose of the wax, light on your wax burner for 20-30 seconds, until the bottom of the wax slightly becomes hot and slide the wax out. Throw away in the bin.

Reminder: Do NOT pour liquid wax down the drain or in the toilet, as this will solidify again once it cools down and may cause clogs.